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Lines Of Corporate Credit You Can Buy 


  • Report: Michigan hires Alabama’s Doug Nussmeier as OC
  • Al Borges’ firing was announced only hours earlier.
  • James Franklin would likely take Penn State job if offered
  • Franklin, 41, is a native of the Philadelphia suburb Langhorne, Pa.
  • Bobby Petrino tells staff he’s Louisville’s coach
  • Bobby Petrino heads to Louisville for his second stint as the school’s football coach.

SI.com – NCAA Football

  • Louisville AD Tom Jurich knows what he’s in for with Bobby Petrino
  • Louisville AD Tom Jurich knows all about Bobby Petrino’s history, so why go through it again?
  • Report: Ray Anderson the next Arizona State AD
  • TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) Former NFL executive Ray Anderson will be named Arizona State’s vice president for athletics, a person familiar with his hiring told The Associated Press.
  • Rashad Greene among seniors returning to FSU

Lines of corporate credit are a major source of funding and liquidity for corporations. It is sort of an agreement between a lender and a business that sets up a maximum loan balance i.e the credit limit which one is allowed to borrow against. The advantage with lines of corporate credit compared to any loan is that no interest is charged on the unused part and you can buy. Let’s now see some of the main and common lines of corporate credit u can buy.


*Secured lines of corporate credit

Corporate credit is said to be secured when the lender got a lien on one of your assets. This means if you fail to pay your loan depending on the terms of agreement, the creditor will have your asset known as collateral. It is very affordable.


*Unsecured lines of corporate credit

This on the other hand does not involve any collateral. They are mostly given to corporations with strong credit ratings. However, if you fail to pay off the loan on time, the lender may sue you to collect the money.


You can also find more information by visiting this great resource.